5 Days / 4 nights in Volos with Activities.

Day 1:

We welcome you to Greece, we are glad to meet you in the Airport of Athens. We provide you your car rental.

We have already booked your hotel for you.

Day 2:

Biking Routes.

Rural dirt roads and trails serve farmers during the olive harvest season, farmers and local people in their daily commute. It is a dense network running through all of Pelion. Using these routes we move not only from point to point but also through history and natural beauty.

Day 3:

Horse riding.

Very near the village of “Argalasti” there are farms of Nikos and that of Annikas, in where there are organized trios with horses through rural roads and paths, combining the se-side beach for a quick swim.


Day 4:

For the lovers of trekking.

If you love trekking, trust us, the choise to have vacations at Pelion will reward you. The paths are countless, traversing gravel paths and cobble streets, planted literally in natural ravising vegitation.

But if you choose to stay at "Karavia Lux Inn" you will have the opportunity to enjoy a special path without having to use any transportation.

Having as starting and finishing point our accomodation and with the relevant instructions from us you will meet the unbelievable beauty of a small canyon, named "Chalorema Canyon", which connects the village of Afetes with Afissos.The biggest part of the path is across river side, under the thick shade of platans, laurels and at the left and right we admire the endless olive groves. The coolness in the route gives the sense of a natural air condition, while on the way we will meet variety of wild plants, a wooden handmade bridge that leads us to to the village of Afetes and a sagittarious shaped old bridge made of stone at the end of the village. 

Passing through the square of Afissos, we will reach the fount, the water of which, quenched the thirst of the crew of the Argonautical expedition.That's why we mustn't forgett in our luggage: appopriate sneakers, a thin waterproof jacket and a lightweight backpack. Also, every Sunday there are organized a free trekking excursions.There again, if you wish for a mountain guide or trecking.


 Day 5:

Sea Kayak.

On our kayaking adventure trips we will paddle the clear Mediterranean waters of the Aegean Sea, relax on deserted beaches, go into caves, explore the remote, unique and spectacular coastline of East Pelion.

We have a selection of single and tandem (double seat) kayaks which are ideal for families, couples and friends. Our guided day-trips are available on most days, from April, through to the end of October.  Everyone is welcome, no previous kayaking experience is necessary. Another option for you is to join our tours with a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard),  a brilliant activity that requires a bit more balance. Instruction is offered as required.

These trips are designed for people with little or no previous experience, but for more experienced kayakers as well,  our kayak tours are the ultimate in “soft adventure”. The goal is to move quietly and easily through the landscape and try to take as much of the scenery as we can. We try to ensure that everybody has a great experience because we really want you to try this again, whether it is here or in some other part of the world.

Your safety is our main concern.  At the launch site, you will be given briefing and safety instruction. We will not begin our journey until everyone has a good understanding of how handle a kayak and what to expect once underway.

All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen, and you are ready for a day filled with adventure, exercise, and unforgettable beauty.



Day 1:


Canyoning down ravines/canyons for most fans of the extreme sports  is tops in the list of activities as it combines trekking through the wilderness, swimming in a river as well as canyoning down cataracts (using special gear).  The dips in the cool clear waters, the breath-taking lights, the trekking through huge vertical rock-faces and between narrow paths – such as the impressive beauty of a ravine- all this compose an infinite and authentic adventure for the demanding who seek excitement and vigorous experiences.

If you are a lover of the adventure and want to get away from the stress of every-day-life, you only have to follow us so that we may show you a different type of life of the Extreme Sports  and the height of Adrenaline.


Day 2:


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breath under water? If you’d like to discover what it really is like, but you are not ready to start your training, a first trial will enable you to see whether you will enjoy it.

Although this program Is not an instructive program, during this first trial you will learn how use breathing gear in shallow waters and you will understand of what is needed to discover under-water-world.

Go ahead! Get your 1st certificate on independent diving with the instructive grogram PADI, Open Water Diver. There again, if you always wanted to learn about independent diving, in order to get new experiences and adventure or just to enjoy the magical world under the water, then this is your chance. The PADI, Open Water Diver is well known and has the most popular instructive program in the world and has also gotten thousands of people in the adventure of diving in the under-water -world.

If you are already an experienced diver, then you can take part in the diving program, in several parts of the Panasitic Gulf. All diving excursions take place by special boats and experienced personnel from the club. Choose a date from your calendar which would suit you and organize your personal excursion


Day 3:


A trip to the Aegean with a unique boat.  Discover the ‘Spοrades’and the beaches of the ‘Pagasitic Gulf’, from a different and unexplored part of Pilio.  Open sails with ‘Nereida’ – an exquisitely beautiful sailing boat – that offers organized holidays, for a small group of people, but also offers special cruisers for special moments that one wants to share with loved ones – such as  birthdays, anniversaries and honey-moon trips.  Also, we organize an incredible tour of Pilio, that will give you a chance to discover secluded beaches of unique beauty and some small quaint fisherman village


Day 4:

Mountain biking.

The spectacular cycling/biking excursions of Pilio, are planned for visitors of the area who seek to see more. You will have the chance to see roads and paths that used by the locals in order for them to go to various places. You will also be able to visit sites and places of exceptional interest and beauty.

When hiring a bicycle from  bikeorhike   they provide you with the basic equipment, which consists of helmet, lock, lights and a reserve inside-tube of a tire. Whereas at Bike Delivery (for a small additional sum of money) they bring you the bicycle to your local of residence. Also, there are children seats for our young friends who are not in position to cycle yet.


Day 5:

Mountain climbing.

With Magnesia and Pilio as well as the Mountain of the Centaurs in mind, the heads of the True Adventure club focus on the touristic experiences and adventure, all in nature – mountain and sea – with organized excursions by experienced and distinguished professionals of their kind.