SERIFOS. The small island of Cyclades islands that  impresses its visitors with its wild beauty of the hilly  bulks and the enchanting island feature of the traditional settlement. As the ferry reaches the island's port, the visitor sees huge rocks rising in front of him. This first picture does not flatter the island. But if you look more carefully and see the endless white beach next to the port and high above the settlement of Chora, you understand why Serifos is considered one of the most beautiful Cyclades islands.  Serifos is located among Kithnos and Sifnos and has an extend of Naked hills, fertile valleys, coves and endless beaches consist the natural majesty of the island. While graphic settlements with their characteristic island architecture give their own glory to this dreamy scenery. Holidays in Serifos will be unforgettable. Here you can relax and enjoy nature. You can entertain in the bars or have a romantic evening, viewing at the sunset. Serifos is one of the islands with not big tourist development. It keeps unchangeable her traditional island feature. 
This is why it is considered one of the most popular and dear summer destinations.


3rd Festival of Serifos, group exhibition of graphic design students of Applied Arts College AKTO.
Festival of Serifos is now in its third year of his life continuing with the best prospects on its course music, theatrical performances, will establish the island as a major cultural center, which will help to further promote quality tourism all Cyclades Serifos, still maintain their traditions and their customs. The locals, held festivals all over the year, continuing the manners and customs that they have inherited from their forefathers. The panigiri, how it is called the greek folk festival, held alongside the observance of special religious feast days and once the highlight of the island’s social life, still draws locals and visitors. Tradition, holds for the ktitores (sponsors) to greet and treat guests, who enjoy the feast of local dishes (fava, salad, fried potatoes and wine) and dancing to traditional island music. In Serifos, as well as in most of the islands, the local events are connected with the religious worship of the place. In most of the coutry churches and the monasteries at least once a year, there is a traditional festival that takes place with common dinners.

Local Products
The residents of Serifos, still maintain their traditions and their customs. Therefore, they maintain also the traditional dishes.
Serifos Wine. he local wines of Serifos are rather special, as they have an intense bouquet and go with most meals quite well. Moreover, there are many similarities of Serifos wine, according the color and the strong feeling that leave you, with wines of Cretan origin. Another local product deriving from the grapes, is souma, which is a kind of raki. The Serfiotiko wine, is so particular that just walking along the narrow stone-paved streets of Chora and tasting it will help you keep strong memories of Serifos.

Local Sweets & Dishes.
 The island of Serifos is also well known for its honey, preserved (spoon sweet) and amygdalota (almond confection local sweet), which you can find at Medusa Pastry Shop at the port (next to the main travel agency, Kondilis Shipping & Tourism). Furthermore, very nice dishes are the loutza (sun-baked pork with sun-dried tomatoes), revithada (which consists of baked chickpeas) and the traditional marathotiganites, fried fennel and cheeses pancakes. Almost at all taverns and shops you shall have the chance to taste those local specialties and foods.


Folklore museum
The Folklore Museum of Serifos is situated in Kato Chora and it is housed in a building of traditional architecture. It has been founded in 1976 and it belongs to the Serifians’ Association. It contains articles that the Serifians were using in their every day’s life, most of which are donations of the residents. The museum also contains textiles, ceramics, porcelains, utensils and tools, local traditional clothes and other objects, while there is also the reconstruction of a traditional Serifian house. In a separate hall there is a collection of rocks and semi-precious stones that have been found in the rich soil of Serifos. Behind the Folklore Museum there is a small theater with capacity for 300 people, where several cultural Eevents take place.Archaeological collection: The Archaeological collection of Serifos is situated at the Mills’ square in Chora and it contains findings of the Classic, the Hellenistic and the Roman Era that came from various areas of the island. Some of the most important exhibits of the museum are a series of headless statues and a collection of amphoras. Rock collection. In Megalo Livadi there is an exhibition of mining tools and rocks taken from the rich earth of Serifos. The building hosting the collection is situated behind the bust of Kostas Speras, the leader of Serifos’ strike that took place in 1916.


Activities, Serifos island is ideal for sailing, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, water skiing, diving (diving school there is), fishing, boat rentals and excursions, Meet the entire island of Serifos driving two beautiful driving routes.