Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για RAFTING PELOPONISSOS


DAY 1 Arrival in Athens . First night at the Athens hotel located in the center of the city. Free night to visit Athens under Acropolis.

Free visit the historic capital of Europe. A city in the neoclassical style , with its museums, Byzantine churches , lively and attached to the Arte Mediterranean lifestyle . Offer tours of the day, the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum and the old neighborhoods Psiri , Monastiraki , Thissio and Plaka , or you can visit cafes, and nice little Greek restaurants that have a view stunning archaeological site of the Agora.

DAY 3 In the morning, the journey with direction to Lousios- Alfios river (Zeus ‘s river) at Peloponnese begins. Loussios river is where Zeus used to bathe himself! In the spectacular densely vegetated gorge and in the river’s crystal clear waters, we invite you to enjoy rafting and discover the hidden natural paradise of the area. The descent is of 2nd degree of difficulty, starting from Lousios, continuing to Alfios River, and ending to the spectacular bridge of “Koukos”. In the end of this experience, the next destination is Olympia where you will stay for the night.

DAY 4 In the morning you can visit the Archaeological Site with the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Stadium, the spot where the torch of the modern Olympic Games is lit and the Archaeological Museum. Then drive on through the plains of Ilia and Achaia until themagnificent bridge that crosses the Corinthian bay from Rio to Antirio. Pass by picturesque towns of Nafpaktos and Itea. Arrive in Delphi, overnight.

In the morning on your way back to Athens you can have a stop at Arachova village which is on the slopes of mountain Parnassus. Discover the traditional character of the village by taking leisurely walks through its narrow cobblestone streets. Enjoy hot and sweet or soft and fruity drinks in cafés, or traditional kafeneia (coffee shops).

Back to Athens for your last night in Greece.

DAY 6 Departure transfer from the hotel to the airport.