6 Days / 5 nights in Naxos with Activities.

Day 1:
We pick you up from the Airport of Athens and transfer you to the port of Piraeus we provide you the boat tickets to Naxos. We have already booked for you the hotel in Naxos.

Day 2:


See and experience the real Naxos with our guide,who Choose either half day (four hours) including a coffee stop at a local kafeneion (café), or opt for full day (eight hours) which includes a delicious and leisurely lunch at a traditional mountain village taverna. Featuring local Greek specialties prepared using ingredients from their own garden, flocks (milk and meat), and bakery, it will surely be one of the most enjoyable meals you have in Naxos! Follow a pre-devised itinerary, or let Spyros know your interests, and he will create a personalized tour just for you.

Day 3:


If you wish to focus on the beauty of nature, with an invigorating dose of exercise, choose to hike along any number of routes or trails to admire the Naxian vegetation, rock formations, rivers and riverbeds, flora and fauna – or even olive groves, vineyards, agricultural crops – and occasional livestock!

Naxos is a hiker’s paradise, especially its interior. The list of villages, historical sights and churches, in addition to its natural beauty, is considerable. As the distances can be a bit long from location to location, we generally combine partial bus sightseeing in an all day tour, although not necessary if you prefer.

Do you want to hike to the top of Mt. Zas? We have the tour for you! And this is only one example of a more vigorous tour.

Should you prefer a more cosmopolitan environment, choose to thoroughly explore Chora on a guided walking tour. Wander through the winding pathways of Marco Sanudo’s 13th century medieval town (one of the best preserved in the world), visiting the Kastro and its Venetian Museum. Visit Sanudo Tower, the Catholic Cathedral, the Paro-Naxian Cathedral, the Capuchin Monastery, and the Archaeological Museum, among other historical sights.

Experience biking in Naxos with a local expert. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is a tour waiting for you. Choose to ride along coastlines to admire Naxos’ spectacular beaches, or from village to village to experience their charm. Perhaps you will pass by churches dating back to the 4th century, or by monuments of such historical importance, thousands of years old, that it takes your breath away. Or perhaps you will simply be invigorated by the beauty of Naxos itself.

Learn to scuba dive, earn your PADI scuba certification, master some advanced diving skills, or choose to learn underwater photography - Even if you are a veteran scuba diver, underwater Naxos, in the magnificent Aegean, can offer you something unparalleled!

The Cycladic winds of Naxos, combined with the Aegean’s jewel-toned water hues make it a favorite for windsurfers and kiteboarders from all over the world.

Day 4:


Horseback riding right along the beach, at the water’s edge, at sunset - could there be anything more romantic? Even if you prefer a daytime ride, are a group of friends, a beginner or advanced, this is an activity that you will help make your vacation in Naxos unforgettable!


Are you a photographer that wishes to take advantage of the wondrous natural beauty, rich Naxian history, and endless quirky photo ops on Naxos? Join our photography tour to find subjects you might otherwise miss! Do you love to paint? Join our painting excursion, and create a work of art that will be an unequalled memory of your trip! Do you enjoy crafting ceramics? Join our pottery excursion and mold a memory as unique as is Naxos – After kilning, your work will be delivered to your hotel the very next day!



Do your have your own organic garden at home, or are you interested in crops and products of diverse regions and countries? Join us to visit several of the local farms to view and learn more about agriculture on Naxos.

Day 5:


We offer daily cruises to islands such as DELOS and MYKONOS, PAROS and ANTIPAROS, KOUFONISSI and IRAKLIA, AMORGOS, and SANTORINI.
It will be our pleasure to devise itineraries for your excursions to these islands with your particular interests in mind, and arrange accommodations should you wish to stay over.

Day 6:

Pick up from the hotel for the transfer to the port of Naxos and then transfer from port of Piraeus to the Airport of Athens.