Eumelia Farm in Gouves area of Lakonia County.







Laconia is bordered by Messenia to the west and Arcadia

to the north and is surrounded by the Myrtoan Sea to the east

and by the Laconian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. 


The Mani Peninsula is in the west region of Lakonia.

The island Elafonisos, situated between the Laconian mainland and Kythira, is part of Laconia.




We are glad to welcome you to Greece!  We meet you in the Airport of Athens for the car rental,  we to give you the car and your excursion begins.  We can suggest you the above unique program.






                         Staying in a Farm and having activities too!!!



Gouves Laconia


Activities in the farm


Τhe breakfast is included.



Day 1: From farm to your table:


Pre order your lunch and/or dinner and our chef

will cook for you an organic, traditional and zero km meal. Our organic

vegetables are combined with local delicacies in order to offer you a

unique gastronomic experience. Inform us about your meals at leas

t one day before.


Natural wine tasting and food pairing with local delicacies


Discover the Greek grape varieties through 5 natural organic wines paired

with local cheeses and cured meat. Walk among our organic vineyards and learn the history of wine in Greece and the bio dynamic practices that we follow. (Duration: 1,5 hours) min 2 participants.


Day 2: Olive oil and olive tasting:


Learn all the secrets of the green gold of

Greece, how to distinguish the fresh, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek

olive varieties and how to store your olive oil properly. Meet our perennial

olive trees that age more than 500 years

you can even hide in their trunk! (Duration: 1,5 hours)






                      Staying in a Farm and having activities too!!!



Gouves Laconia


Activities in the farm


Τhe breakfast is included.



Day 1: Cooking class and bread making:


Learn all the secrets of the Laconic

gastronomy from our cook. Make and bake your own bread, pick the

vegetables you need from the garden and prepare your own tr


meal and enjoy it in the farm.

(Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours)



Relaxing massage:


In Eumelia you will find all the relaxation you need. On request we provide massage services to relax your muscles and your well

being being with qualified physiotherapist and of course our organic oils

made with the wild herbs and the olive oil of the farm.

(Duration: 1 hour)


Day 2: Yoga:


Harmonize your body, mind and spirit with nature surrounded with

the perennial olive trees. Book a yoga session early in the morning or in

the sunset and enjoy the sun rising from Parnonas Mountain or setting on

Taygetos Mountain

(Duration: 1 hour)


Day 3: Natural olive oil soap:


Experience firsthand how to make your own natural

soap. Learn about the qualities of the herbs, select the herbs of your

choice, combine them with organic extra virgin olive oil from our farm and

make your personal soap bar with the natural cold method

(Duration: 1,5 hours)


Day 4: Tour of the farm:


Learn how the farm works in a sustainable way. Through

a tour with the owner you will find out the concept and the philosophy of

Eumelia. Archite cture, environmental technologies, perennial olive groves,

vineyards, animals and people coexist sustainably in Eumelia. Let us show

you our path to a sustaina ble living in a farm. (Duration: 1 hour)




Feed the animals of the farm



Meet the caretaker every day at 8 am at the central building and join him to the feeding of the animals. Children will love the contact with the farm animals!

(Duration: 1/2 hour)


Day 3: Be a farmer for a day:


You can experience the rural life by helping the

gardener while planting or taking care of the vegetable gardens. Works in

the farm never stops so take part in the farming activities of the season

(Duration: As long as you want)


Day 4: Bike in the farm:


If you are interested to have a bike tour in the farm, our

bikes are always there for you. There are bikes for children and adults

(Duration: As long as you want)


















You have also the option to have some very nice Tours such as the  above:



Tours in the area by guides/archaeologist


Hiking in Parnonas mountain and collecting herbs:

Parnonas is the largest mountain in size of the Peloponnese, with very rich flora. According to Greek mythology Asklipios, the God of Medicine, used to collect herbs from Parnonas in order to prepare his medicines. Let’s follow his trails and  discover the medicinal herbs of the area.


Tour of Monemvasia

Visit the medieval town of Monemvasia built on a  small rocky island. Walk around the cobbled streets of the Lower Town, which is still inhabited and the newly excavated part of the long abandoned Upper Town, getting inside

information by one of the archaeologists who took part in the excavati

ons. Visit the 11th century church of Haghia Sophia on the edge of the cliff and the church of Elkomenos Christos at the central square, housing a rare 14th century  painting. Learn the history of this important port and its wealthy citizens, see the traces of the Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman rule, still left on the buildings and the atmosphere of this unique place.Optional: Taste local


(Duration 2 hours)


Tour of Mystras:


Visit the famous castle-town of Mystras, near Sparta, a UNESCO world

heritage site, that should not be missed by anyone. Built on the foot of Taygetos mountain, overviewing the whole valley, the capital of

the Despotate of Moreas, is full of churches and monasteries with

impressive frescoes, worth seeing. Visit the most important ones, including

the Metropolis, where the last emperor of the Byzantine Empire was

crowned, the monastery of Pantanassa, kept alive by its nuns, and the

Perivleptos, one of the most beautiful churches, very few visitors ever see.

See the Palaces and learn the history of this important art and trade centre

of its time and all the important personalities, who lived there.

(Duration: 2 - 2,5 hours)


Tour of ancient Sparta:


Visit the world famous town of ancient Sparta on the outskirts of the modern town. Walk around the ancient and byzantine ruins and see the view to the valley of Evrotas and Taygetos Mountain from the Roman theatre. Learn about the homeland of the brave warriors and their kings, as well as the myths and legends referring to them. See the statue and the so called Leonidas Cenotaph, the Menelaion and the temple of Artemis Orthia.

(Duration: 2 hours)


Museum of the Olive and Greek olive oil:


Take a tour of this specialized  museum about the history of olive oil and the technology of its production  from the prehistoric times until today. The olive tree has shaped Greek  identity, always playing a crucial role in economy, contributing to everyday  life, acquiring symbolic power in mythology, religion and local traditions.  See, among others, rare fossilized olive tree leaves and the first written  testimonies about the olive. Discover the evolution of the technology of olive oil production, through replicas of ancient olive presses and models of engine powered presses.

(Duration: 1 hour)