4 Days / 3 nights in Kea with Activities.

Day 1:
We welcome you to Greece, we are glad to meet you in the Airport of Athens, we transfer you to the port of Lavrio and we give you the boat tickets in order to travel to Kea.

We have already booked your hotel for you.

You can learn the production of Seville Orange. (Citrus aurantium) is a tart orange native to Vietnam and now grown throughout the Mediterranean region.
Marmalade is a sweet preserve with a bitter tang. It is most often eaten on toasted bread as part of a full English breakfast.

Day 2:

You can learn the production of Strawberry Preserves.
It takes 3 days to prepare this delicious preserve following an old family recipe. Serve over yoghurt or ice cream for a very special dessert.

Day 3:

You can see the production of the St. John’s  Wort Oil Spatholado. This ointment is prepared in small quantities using an ancient method. The oil is used to heal burns, cuts and surgical scars. It is particularly effective for deep wounds, injuries caused by crushing, or any kind of trauma associated with nerve damage. The name 'spatholado' literally means 'sword oil' and refers to its ability to heal sword wounds. Its heyday was on the battlefields of the Crusaders.

Day 4:

You can participate in the making of cookies from acorns. Acorns are edible.
Acorns are high in protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium & vitamin B6.
Acorns were the staple food of Californian indigenous tribes and pre-Christian Greeks.
Acorn flour can be used in place of wheat and corn flour and is higher in protein and fiber than both.
Large parts of Kea are covered with acorn bearing Oak forests.
Acorn caps - Hamada - are again being used in European tanneries. We export truck loads every February and March.
Today acorns are eaten in Korea, Turkey & Morocco.
Acorn cookies, bread, soups, muffins & more