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A modern city that has kept its history and heritage through sites, monuments, culture and its inhabitants. The center of Athens has kept all its beauty and is very rich from its past. Blessed by a sunne weather, you can walk around the Plaka area, the Thission, Monastiraki, where you will admire 200 years neoclassical buildings, centuries old archeological sites, with the Acropolis predominant. Many orthodoxes churches can be visited, with a very rich decoration like the Metropolitan or Kapnikarea, and also many museums will fill out your time, like the National Archological museum, Byzantine museum, New Acropolis museum, and many others. It is a city where you get never bored, and the you will enjoy your nights, with modern bars and restaurant, or local places like the bouzoukias.


The bigest island of Greece, full of history and beauties. Located at the south of the Aegean Sea, 1 hour from Athens with a plane, Crete is one of the most visited place in Greece. It has more than 4000 years of history, and today it still has many famous artists known around the worl like Kazantzakis. The Minoan civilisation was in Crete 2000 BC. Crete has many natural places, that are beautifull, mounatins, rivers, beaches. Old town like Chania are litle gems with a mideival heritage. Cretan food is also known to be one of the most healthy in the world. In Crete you can relax in all kind of hotels, appartments, or travel around with a car we can rent.


Santorini, is described a sthe black pearl of the Aegean Sea. Taking her name from Santa Irini , the island had a tremenduous volcanic erutpion, thousands of year ago, disapearing a civilisation. Today it is one of the most visited places on earth, with it unique landscapes on the volcanoe, the sea, and the incredible sunsets. The island has a national museum to vist and the archeoligical site of Akrotiri. It is on eof the most chosen island for romance.


Mykonos, is located at 5 hours boat from Athens. It is known for its cosmopolitan visitors, and crazy parties. But it has many places where you can relax. Known also for its dozens of beautifull beaches, do not miss the Delos island, wich is a whole island of archeological remains dedicated in the god Apollon.


Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese complex of islands, right in front of the Turquish coasts. Rhodes was a very important commercial island in the ancient hellinic world. Today we can see different remains, like in Lindos. But is more famous for the order of the Knights, who stayed there for centuries, and defended the island. The old city is part of the UNESCO heritage, and is visitable every day by tourists and cruises. Rhodos has beautifull sandy beaches, with clear crystal waters.


Kos is part of the Dodecanes complex. It has a long history back to the ancient hellenic world. It is the birth place of Asklipios, the god healing, where you can find a big site in the city dedicated to him. It is a long mountainous island, with beautifull beaches. Kos is also know for its night life, for youg people.


Patmos is a religious island, with many orthodox monasteries and isolated with others. It has kept its authentic beauty, with old buildings, and a simple rhythm of life. The most visited site is the Cave of St. John where the Apostol wrotte the apocalypse, and its monastery nearby.


Peloponese, literary, the island of Pelops. Actually it is not an island as it is connected to European mainland by the Canal of Corynth. It is a land rich, of history, nature, agrotourism, beaches, and charming villages and ports.You can make a trip to discover the hisotry of the places, Sparta, Mikinian civilisation who participated in Troy war, the corynthian powerfull city, the messinian city, Olympia where every 4 years the greek cities reunited to compete as athletes. Medieval cities as Mystra, Monemvassia, Nafplio, Patra. Peloponese is also one of the most flourishing place in Greece, Oranges, olive trees, and hundreds of other products, with a very clean sea surrounding it. Ports like Nafplio, Gythion, Kalamata, Patra, makes very easy to access, as well as the airport in Kalamata. Peloponse is still an undiscovered region, but has many beaches and great hotels to stay, but also small traditional house to enjoy.


Delphi was considered as the center of the world by ancient greeks. Many tresors have been brought in the Site of Delphi dedicated to Apollo, and the Oracle who was predicted the future. The beauty of the place is magical, on the slopes of Parnassos mountains up from the Galaxidi port and the Corynthian sea.


Meteora is located in North of Greece, 2 hours from Thessaloniki. Meteora is never seen elsewhere in Europe. The piece of rock climbing like stalactites witn monasteries at the top, surrounded by a forest, give this place a magic and trully calm environment. Many discoveris build hundreds of years are worth visiting, like the Mega Varlaam, and Aghios Stefanos.