Andros boasts abundant water, tall trees and 
many  beautiful beaches. Andros is the ship that travels the centuries loaded. Loaded with lemons bampilonia,grapefruit and roses from the ardens of. Andros is the  island of the Cyclades second in size after Naxos. It has an area of ​​380 sq. Km. It is 6 miles from Evia and less than a mile from Tinos. The island is about 40 km. and a width of 17 km. It is approximately 36 nautical miles from Rafina with which it is connected by ferry. Andros has a rocky coastline with a total length of about 176 km. According to the experiences of men is "the island of the ekpaglos, the kings of the Aegean,the finest of all the world."


Many religious feasts take place in Andros every year. In Makrotantalo there is a feast by the church of Ag. Sostis in Akrotiri, the 7th of September. After the mass, people can taste treats in the church's yard. There is also a feast honouring St. John the Baptist the 29th of August, with treats and dance.  Many celebrations take place for the Assumption of Mary, the 15th of August. In the morning, after the mass, the priests visit each and every house and receive treats. In the night, in the Elementary School yard, there is a festival, with traditional music, doughnuts, raki, trip soup and snacks.  Furthermore, the Friday before Easter there is a special celebration in Chora, with dances and fireworks in the Church of Panagia Theoskepasti. The 2nd of October, Kipri celebrates St. Kiprianos' feast. The 6th of December, St. Nikolas day, there is parade of schoolboys holding torches, followed by the philharmonic orchestra. Other feasts taking place in Andros is the one of Santa Sophia, the 17th of September, the one of Santa Marina in Ano Gavrio the 17th of July etc.


Andros is, without a doubt, an island of culture and art. Many Andriots excelled in literature and arts, with greater example that of poet Andreas Embirikos. Another exceptional personality was Theophilos Kairis, one of the greatest Greek intellectuals of the 19th century, or Michael Dertouzos, professor at M.I.T. USA, who is considered as the "father" of Information Technology (IT). Andros still pertains its rich cultural tradition, offering to the public the opportunity to visit several museums and foundations. Every summer, it hosts numerous events that attract thousands of visitors.

The Archaeological Museum of Andros was designed by architect Stamos Papadakis and built in 1981, following a donation from the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation. It has a projection room, while from time to time there are exhibitions of modern art at the atrium, in co-operation with the Museum of Modern Art of Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation. The Archaeological Museum exhibits: 
-Collection of findings from the Geometric settlement of Zagora. 
-Collection of sculptures dating from the Archaic to the Roman times. 
-Collection of pre-Byzantine and Byzantine sculptures.

The Archaeological Museum of Palaeopolis inaugurated in 2003 and is dedicated to the antiquities of Palaeopolis, which was -for twelve centuries- the capital of the island. It is housed in a building, donated to the Community of Palaiopolis by the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation. The museum contains collections of sculptures, statues, coins and inscriptions found in the excavations of ancient Palaeopolis.
Location: On the main road from Gavrio to Chora, in the center of Palaeopolis village - 20 km from Chora and 12 km from Gavrio. 

It was inaugurated in 1979. The initial reason was to exhibit the collection of works by Andros native sculptor, Michael Tombros. The exhibits were further enriched by part of the personal collection of the two founders, Basil and Elise Goulandris, consisting of more than 300 works of distinguished Greek and foreign artists. This first part of the museum is now the Old Wing and hosts sculptures of Tombros, Zoggolopoulos, Chryssa, Nikolaidis, Takis, etc. From 1983 to 1985, it hosted temporary exhibitions of Greek painters. The increasing attendance and interest on behalf of the public led to the expansion of the museum. Hence, the New Wing, designed by architect Christos Kontovounisios, was inaugurated on July 1986 and situated opposite the Old Wing. The architectural integration of the building with its surroundings received a distinction in an international competition. The New Wing of the Museum houses a library, a museum shop, a projection room and spaces for international exhibitions. The works of significant modern artists, which are exhibited since 1986 until nowadays, are a benchmark in the cultural scene, introducing both the museum and Andros in the Greek cultural map. The museum has hosted, among others, artists such as Paniaras, Picasso, Matisse, Karagatsis, Kandinsky, Bouzianis, Balthus, Galanis, Giacometti, Klee, Chagall, De Chirico, Rodin, Joan Miró, Georges Braque, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Sophia Vari etc.  Location: In Chora, at “Theophilos Kairis” square.

The museum was founded in 1972 and the most important of its exhibits are the old freight contracts, insurance contracts, various nautical diaries, where the life of the Andriots on the seas before the 1821 War of Independence is described, lithographs of Andriot ships and the later first stream freighters of Greece etc. The Maritime Museum, along with the square of the "Unknown Sailor", were donated by Nikos I. Goulandris family. 
Location: At Chora, just before the "Unknown Sailor" square. Opening Hours Summer season: Daily 8:00 - 22:00 
Kydonieos Foundation was founded in 1994 by Petros and Marika Kydonieos. Its main objective is the promotion of cultural events and exhibitions in Andros. The Foundation’s philosophy aims in two directions, the first of which is to culturally educate people of Andros. For this reason, the pottery workshop opens in 1997, while since 1994 the Foundation provides Byzantine music lessons to children and adults and since 1998 instrument lessons (mandolin, guitar, piano) to children aged 7-18. In addition, since 1997, it offers scholarships to the Andros’ high school graduates who succeed in the entrance examinations of the Greek Universities. The second direction concerns the events taking place during summer. Since 1995, the Foundation is organizing a special event called “Ploes” that takes place every summer introducing important painting and sculpture exhibitions of famous artists, such as Tsoklis, Pavlos, Takis, etc. Location: At the entrance of Chora.
Kairios Library was founded in 1987 as a non-profit private legal entity, thanks to the efforts and persistence of the Andriot historian, Dimitrios I. Polemis. The Library holds around 60,000 volumes of rare publications, manuscripts, and extensive archives referenced to Andros shipping and courts. It also maintains numerous art works, a collection of ancient pots and statuettes, objects of historical value and items of popular culture. There is a book lending service and a children's book department. Kairios Library has established a fully equipped and advanced book binding workshop, offering training seminars and maintenance of old books, documents and folklore objects. Location: At the entrance of Chora. Opening hours: Tel: (+30) 22820 22262

One of the best preserved old olive mills in Cyclades is the animal-powered olive mill of Dimitris Chelmis at Ano Pitrofos. The building dates back earlier than 1823 and was restored according to the traditional architecture. This olive mill retains its original equipment and in 1997 was transformed into a museum, where visitors can get a view to the traditional oil production method in Cyclades. A video with an animal powered olive oil production has been filmed in the museum and is screened to the visitors. It is considered a great example of agricultural heritage, pre-industrial technology and architectural tradition. Location: At Ano Pitrofos village, 7 km before Chora. How to get there: On the 5th km of the main road from Stavropeda to Chora, you reach Pitrofos village. Follow the left road to Ano Pitrofos that will lead you to the entrance of the museum. Tel: (+30) 6932731776. For the visiting hours please see the web site of the museum:

The Folklore Museum of Cultural Heritage of Syneti -as its full name is- is housed in the school of Syneti village, built in 1900 with a donation by the national benefactor Andreas Syggros and stopped operating in 1999. Its rooms have been converted into a typical andriotic house with the corresponding furniture, utensils and tools. Location: At Syneti village, 7 km from Chora. How to get there: As you leave Chora (heading towards Stavropeda), take the left road to Livadia-Syneti-Korthi. When you reach Syneti, turn left. Opening hours July - August: Daily 9.00 - 13.00 and 17.30-21.30. Web site:

The Digital Museum is housed in the residence of Theofilos Kairis. It projects digital content relevant to the island’s history, divided into five periods (pre-geometric, geometric, Classic, Hellenistic, Modern). There are video projection equipment and screens projecting documentaries dedicated to the aforementioned historical periods. Location: At Chora, near “Theofilos Kairis” square. Opening hours Summer season: Daily 9.00 - 21.00 .Tel: (+30) 22823 60200.


Andros has many top quality beaches that suit all tastes. There are fully organized, easily accessible and ideal beaches for families, but also secluded ones. Some with cold crystal waters and others much warmer. There are also plenty sandy beaches, as well as rocky ones for those who love fishing. Further information 

for the top 28 beaches of the island can be found below.On the western side of Andros, the large sandy leeward beaches are located. They are easily accessible and well organised, while almost all are equipped with sunbeds and beach bars. Traditional taverns can also be found in most of them. 
Beaches of western Andros: PISOLIMIONAS, FELLOS, AGIOS PETROS (ST. PETER), CHRISI AMMOS (GOLDEN BEACH), KIPRI, AGIOS KIPRIANOS, BATSI, BATSI–KOLONA, STIVARI, ANEROUSSA, AGIA MARINA, PALAIOPOLIS, CHALKOLIMIONAS, APOTHIKES, PLAKA.On the eastern side of the island you can find possibly the best beaches, though all are exposed to strong northeastern winds. However, on windless days the visitor gets the chance to swim in uniquely beautiful waters. Beaches of eastern side of Andros: KORTHI, VINTZI, TIS GRIAS TO PIDIMA (“Old Lady's Leap”), SYNETI, PARAPORTI, NIBORIO, GIALIA (EMPROS and PISO), ACHLA, VORI, ATENI, VITALI, ZORKOS, PEZA (Mikri and Megali).



Andros, unlike the other islands of Cyclades, is ideal for hiking  its mountainous   nature and the variety of springs that it offer a unique experience. In recent years, there has been a systematic effort by the "Andros Routes" network  to record, maintain and promote these routes. These actions have increased the number of foreign (mainly) visitors who love this form of tourism. In October 2015 The European Ramblers’ Association granted Andros΄ Paths as “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe”. This label hides a special system of criteria that takes care of the needs of hikers, makes the attractiveness of rails tangible and thereby guarantees a high standard. Trekking Andros and outdoor activities is another network and enterprises who love nature look at life holistically and promote responsible eco-tourism.

Andros has a great tradition in sports. It has been recorded that Aristaechmos Hieronymos and Proklis won the ancient Olympic Games, while in modern times many Andriots played a significant role in Greek sports. There are several clubs of different sports in the island (mainly football clubs), like Andriakos. There are many football and basketball fields, yet the absence of an indoor hall is evident. Andros particularly stands out in nautical athletics. The nautical clubs of Andros and Korthi are members of the Hellenic Sailing Federation, having a significant presence in races. Alongside, they have organized major sailing races with great success.
Nautical Club of Andros was founded in 1957 and has active departments of Open Sea Sailing and Sailing Triangles (Optimist and Laser). It is a member of the Hellenic Sailing Federation. Lots of the Club’s athletes have gone on to excel in top positions at national competitions, with greater example that of the Andriot Nikos Kaklamanakis, gold medalist in the Olympic Games of Atlanta (1996). The next year, he accomplished the crossing of the Aegean, having as starting point the premises of the Nautical Club of Andros. Every year, on early June, the Club hosts the Andros International Yacht Race with great success. Occasionally, the Club organises various activities, such as beach volley tournaments, scuba diving lessons, etc.

The Nautical Club of Korthi Andros was founded in 1989 as a non-profit athletic association, based in Korthi. Its main goal is the propagation of nautical sports. It is an active member of the Hellenic Sailing Federation, having departments in windsurfing and swimming. It has a windsurfing team, consisting of children aged 7-19 years old who are trained at Ormos Korthiou. Most of these young athletes have participated and excelled in National championships. Among others, it hosted the Mistral Junior World Championship at Ormos Korthiou.Website:

For the 4-wheel fans, Andros is the place that offers the opportunity to enjoy touring. Unique and adventure routes off the beaten track call for exploration and discovery of the natural beauties of mountainous and coastal Andros! Marvel at the stunning views, unwind and swim in the sky-blue sea.

On the island, where the wind switches from Northern to Southern and Zephyr gives its place to North-westerly winds (meltemia) in summer, the sea- sport enthusiasts find their Paradise on Earth. Andros is the real Surfworld for both advanced and novice in windsurfing. Taking advantage of the strong winds and sea currents, Andros has developed a wealth of amenities and services all around the world of the board. Spots for jumping, places for wave style or flat for speed urge experienced surfers to trim their sails and get started. On the other hand, various sailing enterprises, associations and clubs offer tuition and equipment available for rent to the novice of all ages as well as the necessary modern accessories for professionals. It is no coincidence that, some well-known world champions have at times chosen Andros waters to train and in the past the World Windsurf Championship took place in Korthio Bay.

Discover the treasures and the amazing cities which spread underwater, hidden in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea around Andros. The shipwrecks took refuge at the bottom of the island of Andros thus creating an impressive underwater marine life.